Birth name - Lila Devi

Swamini Lakshyananda Saraswati

Ever since I was young, I remember I had numerous ‘Why’ questions in my mind –

‘Why do I exist?’,
‘Why should I desire something?’,
‘Why should I ask for something during prayers?’ etc.

However, I felt all these were going to be answered when I met Swamini Karunananda in Mauritius.

I attended classes under Swamini Karunananda in Mauritius. Whenever I attended camps, whether it was for 7days, 10 days or 40 days, during my prayers to Gangadhareshwara and Ganga Mā, I would ask that my wish to study in Rishikesh be fulfilled. This prayer was answered and I was blessed to be in the first batch of students at the Rishikesh residential course from 2003 – 2006.

This new journey started when I wrote a letter to Pūjya Swamiji about my inspiration and wish. In 2003, I accompanied my Guru Swamini Karunananda to Rishikesh and attended the last ten days of a 40-day camp there. It was during this time that we met Pūjya Swamiji in his Kutiya to discuss my interest for the long term Vedānta Course in Rishikesh. I still remember how he stroked his forehead with his eyes closed in thought he said “If it is so, then whom to choose as an Ācārya?”. Swamini Karunananda suddenly answered “May be Ācāryaji Brahmavidyananda”. Swamiji immediately contacted Ācāryaji and he was very soon called to Rishikesh. Pūjya Swamiji and Ācāryaji interviewed all those who were interested to follow the 3-year Vedānta residential course. It was during this time that I met Mangayakarasee, now known as Swamini Vinayananda Saraswati. I also met Atmaprakashji during the course and a few others who provided me with their support and met many others (including Swamis, Swaminis and Ācāryas) who contributed in one way or other during this journey of mine. I had many ups and downs due to my weak immune system. I kept falling sick due to poor health conditions and also had a fractured leg. Yet I never gave up. I kept attending each and every class. Now all my questions have been answered. I am among one of the most blessed ones to have received this most invaluable treasure from a well versed Brahmashotriya Nistha, a Brahmajnani like Pūjya Swamiji Dayananda Saraswati and a learned Ācāryaji Brahmavidyananda during the 3-year residential course of Vedānta. Today with their blessing I am blessed with a few students, and the most precious journey keeps going on.